Children & Collagen: Your Guide to Benefits, Safety & Tips

Charlie Bailes

August 7, 2018

Can children benefit from collagen? Is collagen safe for kids? How can I get collagen into their diet? Learn the 6 main benefits, what to look for in a safe collagen, tips, and kid-friendly recipe ideas.

Below is a list of all the topics we will cover in this guide. Click on the links below and you’ll be taken to that specific section.

I love multi-collagen protein powder.

Adding a scoop to my morning cup of coffee makes the already pleasant experience of sipping coffee that more enjoyable. Plus, a scoop of multi-collagen makes coffee into a powerhouse beverage that delivers 8 grams of high quality protein to the body first thing in the morning (more about Coffee & Collagen).

But alas, children don’t drink coffee.

If your kids are anything like mine, you don’t really want to give them any more energy than they already have because they already exhaust me everyday. In a good way, of course.

So how do we get kids to enjoy the health benefits of collagen? And what are the health benefits for children?

Here are the 6 benefits of collagen for kids we’ll explore:

  1. Promotes Bone Health
  2. May Boost Cardiovascular Health
  3. Helps with Sleep
  4. May Improve Gut Health
  5. Helps Good Oral Hygiene
  6. Strengthens Skin & Aids in Wound Healing

But, before we get into these benefits of collagen for kids, let’s discuss safety.

Can a Child take Collagen? Is it Safe?

Currently, there are not many known risks of collagen supplementation. Since collagen is found in many foods we already consume and our bodies naturally produce many forms of collagen, the risk involved in supplementing is extremely low.

Collagen should be thought as and looked at as food. Anytime you order your child a hot dog, a hamburger or a bone-in ribeye (because what kid doesn’t love ribeye), some collagen is being consumed. Grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup that she brings over when little Danny is sick that contains stock made from chicken bones, is absolutely loaded with collagen.

On the rare occasion a child is allergic to beef, chicken, fish, or eggs, consulting with your pediatrician is a smart move. Otherwise, feel confident feeding you children a food that is the building block to long-term, overall wellness.

Now, let’s get into the benefits of collagen for children.

1. Promotes bone health

Collagen is in the foundation of our bones. It is the web that holds everything in the bones like calcium and phosphate in place. Think of the foundation, walls and roof of your house. Collagen is the structural matrix of our bones that allows minerals to fill in the web of collagen. Children are in constant ‘growth’ mode, and collagen consumption from food provides the body all the tools it needs to manufacture strong bones for a growing body.

2. May boost cardiovascular health

The main protein in connective tissue is collagen. Connective tissue takes part on the structure of most organs, including the heart and blood vessels. As kids gain more size and their bodies get bigger and stronger, it is vital their cardiovascular system delivers blood efficiently. Collagen helps to build strong blood vessels, which are highways of transportation delivering oxygen and nutrients all over the body of a growing child.

3. Helps with sleep

Collagen Helps Children Sleep
Collagen is extremely rich in the amino acid glycine, which has been linked to improved sleep and recovery.

Studies have shown that the glycine from collagen has decreased the time it takes to fall asleep and help one reach ‘deep’ sleep.

It is vital for children to get enough sleep as most of their growth and development, especially in the brain, happens when in slumber. Another note, glycine is found in higher doses in marine collagen than beef and chicken collagen. CB Supplements is a multi-collagen and sources collagen from beef, chicken, eggs and fish, so expect a healthy dose of glycine per serving.

4. May Improve Gut Health

The walls of our intestinal lining are made up of microscopic folds called ‘villi’ that are actually made of collagen. Processed food, sugar, toxic vegetable/seed oils (canola, cottonseed, corn, soybean, sunflower, safflower) and refined carbohydrates all create inflammation and cause the lining of our gut to literally open up, thus allowing toxins from our food direct access to our bloodstream.

These toxins can create inflammation all over the body in the form of headaches, body aches, acne, diarrhea, depression and even poor behavior. If ‘leaky gut’ happens and if not fixed early in life, an autoimmune disease can develop, where the immune system attacks our own body.

The amino acids in collagen seal the leaks by promoting tissue growth and cellular prosperity. It is of vital importance to aide children however possible with quality nutrition so they flourish later in life.

Collagen supplementation may provide some immediate results for kids, but it is a long term play as well.

See our Collagen Recipes for ideas!

Collagen Amino Acids are great for children
Our Multi-Collagen is packed with amino acids!

5. Helps Good Oral Hygiene

Collagen helps children with oral hygiene

Due to an increased sugar consumption, younger children are suffering from poor oral hygiene. This can be in a number of forms including soft molars, receding gums and generally small teeth. Studies have shown that collagen supplementation have enhanced gum healing and strengthen teeth, leading to better oral health.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the oral health of an individual is a window of overall health. Invest in the oral health of your kids and see great health as they grow and flourish.

6. Strengthens Skin & Aids in Wound Healing

Collagen helps kids strengthen skin and aids in wound healing

Collagen keeps our skin strong, healthy and elastic; it is the building block of our layers of skin.

A study by Karger — a globally active medical and scientific publishing company — shows that collagen supplementation can aide in the building of healthy skin in just 4 weeks.

Kids are notorious for coming home with a new scrape, bruise, blister or wound everyday. Collagen can help heal wounds faster by supplying the body with the necessary nutrients to recover.

Tips on How to give Collagen to Kids

Pro tip: use an unflavored & colorless collagen powder (like ours!) and they’ll never know they’re consuming it. 🙂

Most kids resist change in their diet. So, we fully understand the challenges of introducing something new to the table. However, most collagen supplements are flavorless, odorless and mix very well with liquids, especially hot liquids. Once collagen is mixed with hot water and dissolved completely, it can be mixed with any beverage including milk, orange juice, apple juice or any other beverage of choice you child prefers. No soda though, ever.

Additionally, collagen can be put into any baking dish like muffins, breads, cookies or pancakes! There are many great brands that sell complete mixes like Simple Mills, Bob’s Red Mill and King Arthur. Simply adding a scoop or 2 to the mix is an easy way of sneaking collagen into your child’s diet and they will never know!

Try getting 7-8 grams of collagen per day into your kids diets and enjoy potentially amazing health benefits!


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Kid-friendly Collagen Recipes

Here are some kid-friendly recipes that’ll help you sneak collagen into their diets.


Lunch or Dinner:



Drinks & Smoothies:

Is Collagen worth the investment for kids?

Many children will experience immediate positive impacts from collagen supplementation.

But what you’re doing as a parent by choosing to supplement your child or children’s diet with multi-collagen is investing in their future. All of the positive gains in health that come with collagen supplementation actually possess more long term benefits than short term. This sets up your child (or children) for a stronger and healthier life — well into the adolescent years and even into adulthood.

We at CB Supplements look forward to the day where our own children realize they have strong joints and bones, an efficient digestive system and healthy skin because of the choices we’ve made as parents when they were younger. We can’t wait for that “thank you” — those are the real moments we live for.

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