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Collagen for Dogs & Cats

Premium Grade Multi Collagen Powder for Pets

4 Food Sources

Grass Fed Pasture Raised Beef, Wild Caught Fish, Cage Free Chickens, Egg Shell Membrane

5 Collagen Types (I, II, III, V, X)

Flavored for Pets

Non-GMO Ingredients


Manufactured in U.S. GMP Facility

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Scoop of Collagen

A container has 45 total scoops of collagen. Please see helpful recommended serving chart below so you can choose the right subscription.

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Our dog, cat, and pet multi collagen protein powder sacrifices nothing, and our customer service is everything.

Our premium grade Multi Collagen Protein Powder complex also comes in a Pet Flavor, perfect for your beloved dog or cat!

Just like collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, the same holds true for your dog or cat. It is the “glue” that holds everything together, including their fur, nails, skin, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, many vital organs including the heart, lungs, and digestive system.

About 1/3 of the protein in your dog’s body is collagen. But, herein lies the problem. As your canine or feline ages, collagen reduction sets in. And when collagen decreases, an array of health problems follow including digestive health, bone, and joint pain, and their coat sheds more, becomes itchier, and loses that beautiful shine (that you tout on the gram daily!)

If want to extend your dog’s quality of life (or help them combat and delay the many signs of aging), you need collagen. Furthermore, you need a collagen that includes all 5 Types of Collagen (I, II, III, V, & X) and comes from multiple food sources (grass-fed pasture-raised beef, cage-free chickens, wild-caught fish, and cage-free chickens).

We are focused on providing a superior quality product and customer appreciation — you won’t find another pet collagen better in those two areas. Try us. Give your dog, cat, or pet the best collagen supplement on the market — CB Supplements Pet Collagen!

How to give your Dog Collagen Powder

Add a scoop of collagen to your dog or cat's kibble, add water, give it a little swirl, and voilà!


Pet Collagen Recommended Serving

We recommend 1 serving a day of our pet collagen. There are 45 scoops per bottle.

Dog Collagen Instructions, Recommended Servings

Approved by Dogs & Cats Everywhere

Our multi-collagen is formulated to concentrate the nutrients in bone broth, naturally supporting the health of a dog's bones, joints, coat, skin, and overall digestion.

Approved by Dogs & Cats Everywhere

Our multi-collagen is formulated to concentrate the nutrients in bone broth, naturally supporting the health of a dog's bones, joints, coat, skin, and overall digestion.

Give your pet the best collagen

Health Benefits of a Multi Collagen Protein Powder for Dogs & Cats

Better health for their joints, bones, coat, skin and more!


Hey, dogs and cats wanna look good too! Ensure their coat and skin is healthy, shiny, and on point for their next walk, playdate, or dog park adventures. They'll thank you.


Just like people, aging dogs and cats are vulnerable to developing osteoarthritis. A study in the Journal of Veterinary Science found collagen to help with ED (elbow dysplasia) & overall joint health.


As with humans, dogs and cats can develop a leaky gut due to poor diet, antibiotics, toxic substances, & stress. Collagen can help soothe and repair the gut lining, improving leaky gut and other problems.


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FAQs for Dog & Cat Collagen






Free of Artificial Sweeteners




Manufactured in GMP Facility

Manufactured in United States

Our ingredients rock, but so does our customer service!


Beef or Chicken


CB Supplements multi-collagen contains collagen from 4 animal sources:

  • cows (grass-fed, pasture raised)
  • chickens (cage free)
  • fish (wild caught fish)
  • eggs (egg shell membrane)

Most collagen products are from one source (either chicken or beef) and only deliver 2 or 3 types of collagen at most.


28 Types of Collagen?

5 Type Collagen for Dogs, Cats, Pets

Reviews of our Pet Collagen for Dogs & Cats

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rebecca White (Avon Lake, OH)
My Dog Loves This!

I discovered this product via Dr Cate Shanahan when I was actually looking for a collagen supplement for myself. While I'm not entirely sure how old my dog is, I believe she is around 6-7 years old and she definitely has some creaky joints and occasional stiffness at this point in her life. I thought it would be a good idea to add a collagen supplement to her food because of these factors.
We are currently on our second tub of this product and although I wouldn't say that I've noticed a difference in her creaky joints or overall mobility (she is fairly active), I can say that she does seem less stiff and absolutely LOVES this product mixed into her dry and wet food each morning and evening! I find the smell incredibly foul, but hey, if she loves it and the product will help her in the long run, I can deal with it!
I currently plan to keep using this as a supplement, in the hopes I will notice less joint noise and stiffness over time.
Thanks for a great, dog-specific collagen product!

Tim Barno (El Paso, TX)
Hooper & Tucker love it!

Our boxerBoys are on their second batch of CB pet collagen. First let me say that they love the taste. Secondly, their coats are looking great and Hooper hasn’t had a limp from a long rest in a couple of months. I will continue to give to the Boys!

This is awesome Tim! So happy to hear that Hooper and Tucker are experiencing such great results from the pet collagen. Give our NEW Unflavored for humans a shot! It won’t disappoint.
We truly appreciate your support.

Anonymous (Valrico, FL)
My beagle LOVES it

It’s so easy to sprinkle the powder in her food and pour a little water in her bowl to mix it in with her food. I know she’s enjoying it because she doesn’t come up for air when eating. She completely licks the bowl clean to get every last drop of food and powder.

That’s purr-fact news Sheila! We appreciate you and your Beagle for your support and hope that you continue to spread the collagen love to your family and other furry friends!!

kimberly heathcott

I give this to our Labs. Reign became diabetic last year and had a previous retrieving accident that left his back leg with severe arthritis. The diabeties all has taken a tole on his mobility barely able to get up, walks very slowly, health, eyes, energy, coat and was unable to get out of the pool anymore. This product has been an absolute BLESSING! When we first got it last year it was a miracle how much this helped him. I had ran out before the holiday and we were without for 2 weeks before I could get an order in and this reiterated what I saw initially as during that 2 week period he regressed. After 2 days back on this product Reign is now back to getting up easier, running again, coat is beautiful and shiny, plays with his toys, smiles, swimming in the pool again and when he sees me putting the collagen in his food he starts hoping around with excitement! Our boys LOVE your product! Thank you, your Collagen is a blessing and has given us more time with our boy!

Best news ever!! Our pups benefit from collagen just as much as we do and we're so glad you've noticed a huge difference in Reign! Thanks for reviewing our pet collagen, Kimberly!

John Strunak (Port Carbon, PA)
Super fantastic!

My 2 pups have trachea issues, a little cough/ gag after drinking water.
Plus my 3 yr old girl is a picky eater.
Well, no more. She eats every last bit of her meals with this collagen. My pups love it. Plus the cough/ gagging has already improved since taking the collagen. We will be life long customers. Thank you so much!
No other collagens worked.

That's wonderful! The health of our pets is also important and it's great to hear yours are showing improvement. Thanks for reviewing our pet collagen and for being a loyal customer John!

Norah Arnold (Rancho Cordova, CA)
Awesome product

I was skeptical if my dog would do the powder and with warm water she loves it! I can’t wait to see what differences I notice within the month!

That's great, Norah! We can't wait to hear about how your pups health has improved.Thanks for taking the time to review us!

Kelly Gellinger (Phoenix, AZ)
Thriving Pups

Our border collie and border collie/Australian Shepard mix love love love this supplement. I mix it with their food and bone broth and they gobble it up like it’s their last supper! Their fur is shiny and healthy looking and their poops are perfect! This is a WIN WIN for all! I definitely recommend this pet multi Collagen powder for your pet!🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

YEA!! We love to hear that Kelly! Happy pups, happy life...am I right?? ;) We appreciate you taking the time to review our pet multi collagen powder!

CB Supplements Multi Collagen Powder Products
The only supplement endorsed by NY Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Cate M.D.

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