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4 Food Sources

Grass Fed Pasture Raised Beef, Wild Caught Fish, Cage Free Chickens, Egg Shell Membrane

5 Collagen Types (I, II, III, V, X)

First & Only Multi Collagen NSF Certified for Sport®

Non-GMO Ingredients

Gluten-free, Paleo-friendly

Manufactured in U.S. GMP Facility

Choose up to 3 containers below

Unflavored Multi Collagen Powder

Vanilla Multi Collagen Powder

Chocolate Multi Collagen Powder

Strawberry Lemonade Multi Collagen Powder

Icon NSF Certified for Sport Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Grass-fed Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Gluten Free Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Paleo Friendly Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Dairy Free Lactose Free Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Soy Free Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Non-GMO Multi Collagen Powder
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Get your Collagen on. Literally.

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Customer Reviews

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So far so good!

I’m adding the CB collagen to my coffee - I love both the vanilla and the chocolate flavors. has a little bit of sweetness so you could drink it as is or add a little HWC and a few drops of monk fruit and it puts it over the top - feels like a real indulgence! The Strawberry Lemonade tastes good in my water - very light and I imagine in the summer it will be refreshing! I haven't been taking it long enough to notice any changes in my skin, etc. but I’d be happy to come back and report after taking it for a few months.

Yes!! Thanks for sharing your tips Patricia. That is an excellent way to take (and enjoy taking) collagen. Keep us posted--we'd love to hear about your collagen results in the future! Thanks for reviewing our flavors bundle!

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