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125 possible collagen options!


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4 Food Sources

Grass Fed Pasture Raised Beef, Wild Caught Fish, Cage Free Chickens, Egg Shell Membrane

5 Collagen Types (I, II, III, V, X)

Non-GMO Ingredients

Gluten-free, Paleo-friendly

Manufactured in U.S. GMP Facility

Choose up to 3 containers below

Unflavored Multi Collagen Powder

Vanilla Multi Collagen Powder

Chocolate Multi Collagen Powder

Strawberry Lemonade Multi Collagen Powder

Blueberry Cake Batter Multi Collagen Powder

Icon Non-GMO Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Grass-fed Multi Collagen Powder
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Icon Dairy Free Lactose Free Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Soy Free Multi Collagen Powder
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Packets & Bundles

Coffee & Collagen T-Shirt by CB Supplements

Get your Collagen on. Literally.

Coffee & Collagen


Reviews of our Multi Collagen "Build Your Bundle"

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Kelly (Cedar Park, TX)
Collagen Supplements

We love our CB Supplements! The Build Your Bundle is a great deal and ensures that you have more than enough for your daily coffee and baked goods! Noticed a difference in nails, skin, and joint health right away. Five stars!

Carol V. (Hendersonville, NC)
Quick results

After just 30 days my husband noticed a change in his crepey upper arms. He likes the chocolate flavored in his coffee, I prefer the unflavored in a few spoonfuls of yogurt than in my coffee.

Hi Carol! Glad you both are enjoying it so far! We have lots go great recipes on our website too!

Bobbie McDaniel (Seattle, WA)
Loved being able to build a group of different products

Great products but did not want all the same flavor. By building my own bundle I was able to get large containers of three different flavors. Highly recommend the product itself.

I am right there with you Bobbie! The bundle is awesome. Not only do you get a variety of collagen, but you save money too!

Kathleen Rowan (Seattle, WA)
great experience

Great service. I initially had a problem with charges for an order - Solved immediately and my account credited. I love this stuff. My hair is no longer a limp fine hair. My fingernails are stronger and don't break off easily. Even my skin looks better - fewer wrinkles! I'll bet you will agree.

We are always here for you Amanda! This is amazing and we are so happy that you are experiencing such great results.

Amanda Z (Springfield, OR)
Great Collagen Powder

I really like all the flavors so far! They dissolve easily in my coffee. Clean ingredients.

You’re not wrong! Thanks Amanda!

Carol (St Louis, MO)
Love it!

Love the collagen! Love the flavors!

So glad you love it, Carol! We love you!

Michael Hensley (Winter Park, FL)
Continued Benefits

We have been using CB Supplements Collagen for almost 3 years and continue to experience positive benefits.

Yes Michael! We love hearing this! Really, so much good stuff happens when you take collagen!

Tara Duimstra (Zeeland, MI)

I did a chocolate and vanilla variety! They are both delicious and very versatile. I plan on ordering again!

Oooo Tara, I couldn't agree more! Delicious and OH so good for you! We just dropped our new seasonal flavor that you might like to try too!

Frank Angelone
Just keeps getting better!

Seeing continued improvement in skin, nails, digestion, and joint pain. Maybe it’s a coincidence but I’ve tried other collagen supplements and never had this result. Seems to be a great product.

This is great to hear, Frank! There are a lot of great benefits to taking multi sourced collagen!

Russell Palmer (Phoenix, AZ)
Guilt free chocolate milk

The chocolate mixed with almond milk is amazing. Tastes and and is guilt free.

CB Supplements Multi Collagen Protein Supplements
The only supplement endorsed by NY Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Cate M.D.

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