CB Supplements was founded on 3 pillars: Premium Product, Customer Service, & Education.

Charlie Bailes Founder & Partner at CB Supplements

Charlie Bailes

Founder & Partner

My health journey changed for the better in 2017 after a few kids, chronic health issues, and simply taking responsibility. My personal opinion is that collagen may be the missing food group in our diets.

I'm responsible for keeping my finger on the pulse of client happiness, researching new products/services we can offer, and ensuring the company invests in the proper areas.

Fun Fact: Charlie's been known to send hand-written letters to new customers and can do bar muscle ups in his sleep.

Kyle Earley Partner at CB Supplements

Kyle Earley

CFO & Partner

I became a believer in collagen after trying it for a 2-3 months and witnessing amazing results.

Being the numbers guy, I help the company make strategic financial decisions that'll help the company understand what's working and what's not. I'm also focused on forming strategic partnerships with wholesalers and working directly with our manufacturer to ensure our product is always of highest quality.

Fun Fact: Kyle is truly a "data scientist" and can front squat 345 lb.

Eric Sharp Partner at CB Supplements

Eric Sharp

CMO & Partner

Dr. Cate Shanahan, MD

Cate Shanahan, MD

Medical & Scientific Advisor

Christen Rodgers CB Supplements

Christen Rodgers

Collagen Recipe Magic Maker

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