The Complete Guide to Multi Collagen Protein: What is It? Benefits? Ingredients?


June 4, 2023


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Quick Summary

Multi collagen protein is like a superhero with multiple powers. Collagen protein (non-multi) is sourced from a single animal, such as beef bovine, and will only provide up to two types of collagen (e.g. Type I & Type III). A multi collagen protein is sourced from 2+ animals (beef bovine, chicken, fish, eggshell membrane) and will boast all five types of collagen (I, II, III, V, & X). A multi collagen will also go by a few other names, such as “all-in-one collagen” and “multiple collagen”. Dr. Cate, M.D. believes multiple collagen types bring different benefits, though the science around collagen is still catching up to validate this theory.

Multi Collagen Protein: The Superhero with multiple powers

I’m not a huge Marvel superhero type of guy, but when you have kids, it’s inevitable to become well versed in all the characters.

One topic I’ve found interesting is the idea of a superhero having multiple powers. Wolverine, for example, has strength and is an “enhanced healer”. Spider-man has strength too, but “enhanced senses”. Doctor Strange can do time manipulation, teleportation, and more! Multiple powers make for a more dynamic, compelling, and powerful superhero, right?

Collagen protein on its own is a superhero. Everyone loves superheros. But, a multi collagen protein is like a superhero with multiple powers.

Spiderman has multiple powers like a multi collagen protein
Spider-man’s multiple powers are like multi collagen’s multiple benefits.

Let’s jump right in — à la Spider-man.

Other Names given to Multi Collagen Protein

Let’s first address some nomenclature.

Multi collagen protein can be described or discussed in slightly different ways. Here are the other names given to a multi collagen protein:

Make no mistake, these are just synonymous/variations for multi collagen protein.

If not Multi Collagen Protein, what is it?

As you continue to educate yourself around collagen and multi collagen, you’ll begin to realize that not all collagen products are made the same.

You’ll probably see the following non-multi collagen protein products:

  • Bovine Collagen
  • Marine Collagen
  • Eggshell Collagen
  • Matcha Collagen
  • Bone Broth Collagen
  • Keto Collagen
  • Collagen Creamers
  • Collagen for specific benefits (Gut, Sleep, Stress, etc.)
  • Flavored Collagen (note: our flavored collagen power is multi collagen)

If your head is already spinning, you may want to check out the best way to take collagen where we explore the various forms (food, powder, capsules, etc.) and compare each.

If you’re still with us, great, let’s define multi collagen protein.

What is Multi Collagen Protein?

Here’s the quick and simple answer — we’ll explore in detail below.

A multi collagen protein is a protein (found in supplement powders, pills, etc.) sourced from 2+ animals and contains all 5 types of collagen (I, II, III, V, X).

If you don’t see “multi” or any of those variations (“all-in-one”, “multiple”, etc.) in the product name, it’ll be a single-sourced collagen.

Multi-Source Collagen vs “Regular” Single-Source Collagen?

How is multi collagen different than regular ol’ single source collagen that’s very prevalent in the collagen supplement world?

Here’s a quick multi source vs single source collagen comparison.

Multi Source Collagen Protein Sources & Types

Multi Source Collagen Protein Animal Source & Types

A multi collagen protein is distinct in two ways:

  • 4 Animal Sources. A multi collagen protein is sourced from at least 2 different kinds of animals.
  • 5 Types of collagen. A multi collagen protein will provide all 5 types of collagen (I, II, III, V, & X).

Single Source Collagen Protein Sources & Types

Single Source Collagen Protein Animal Source & Types

If you don’t see “Multi” in the collagen supplement name, here’s what you’re getting with a non-multi collagen protein:

  • Single Source. Sourced from one animal (Beef is very popular in most single-source collagens).
  • 2 types of collagen. Depending on the source, you’ll get at most two types of collagen (Beef collagen = two types, Chicken or Marine = one type).

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Multi Collagen Protein Ingredients

As we explored prior, multi collagen will be sourced from multiple animals. So, the ingredients of a multi collagen protein supplement are derived from, you guessed it, 4 sources:

  1. Beef (typically you’ll see “Bovine”, another way saying cattle)
  2. Chicken
  3. Fish (sometimes listed as “Marine”)
  4. Eggshell Membrane

The collagen is extracted from these collagen-rich parts:

  • Skin/Hide
  • Joint Material
  • Bone
  • Cartilage
Multi collagen protein ingredients
A multi collagen will contain all 4 of these ingredients

Here’s what’s in our unflavored multi collagen protein peptides:

  • Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen
  • Albumen Protein (from Powdered Egg Whites)
  • Hydrolyzed Chicken Bone Broth Collagen Peptides
  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides

We decided to use chicken bone broth as an ingredient in our multi collagen complex so that it’ll boast the “magic stuff” of glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, and glucosamine. Learn more about how collagen peptides powder is made.

Consumer Tip: Always choose grass fed pasture raised beef, cage free chickens, and wild-caught fish!

Multi Collagen Protein Benefits

Is collagen protein a superhero? Yes. Is collagen protein a superhero with multiple powers? Sorry single-source collagen, you’re unfortunately not Spider-man, Wolverine, or Doctor Strange.

A multi source collagen protein offers the benefits of all 5 types of collagen (I, II, III, V, & X) — and yes, you should care about that. If you’re going to take collagen daily, why shortchange the benefits? Each one of these types of collagen offers us, humans, different benefits.

Collagen Protein vs Multi Collagen Protein Benefits Superhero scale
Multi collagen protein: the superhero with multiple powers! It offers more types of collagen and greater overall health benefits.

Let’s touch on collagen’s overall benefits quickly by type:

  • Type I: The most abundant collagen in our body — benefits nearly everything in the body
  • Type II: Helps with tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage
  • Type III: Supports skin, organs, blood vessels, structure of muscles
  • Type V: Eyes, placenta of an expecting mother
  • Type X: Supports joints, bones

If you’re taking a single-source collagen, are you missing out? We believe so. Non-multi collagen will only offer 1 or 2 types of collagen (e.g. Bovine offers Type I & Type III). We believe in eating the entire collagen alphabet to receive all of collagen’s benefits – just like we encourage eating the entire vegetable alphabet.

Key Takeaway: Multiple sources (cows, chickens, fish) bring multiple collagen types (I, II, III, V, X) and bring us, humans, multiple benefits.

Does Multi Collagen Protein Work?

Million-dollar question, right? If you invest in multi-sourced collagen over single-sourced collagen, is it worth it?

Dr. Cate, M.D. sure thinks so.

Multi Collagen Benefits over Single Source Quote from Dr. Cate

“There is reason to believe a multi collagen offers benefits over a non-multi collagen (single source) because the benefits of collagen appear to come from a handful of 2 and 3 amino acid sequence combinations”, says Dr. Cate. “Each of which may confer unique benefits and may be present in different amounts in different types of collagen”.

Learn more about the 19 amino acids in collagen.

Dr. Cate goes on to say, “There’s very little evidence of benefit from consuming multiple types of collagen, but that’s not because they’ve studied it and found no benefit. It’s because there are too few studies on the subject”.

Come on science, let’s catch up!

I don’t know about you, but I want to maximize every scoop of collagen I take by ensuring it’s a multi collagen.

Tips for Buying a Multi Collagen Protein

Collagen Supplement aisle in Grocery Store
Finding a MULTI collagen can become a blur.

Collagen supplements are filling up the shelves as the collagen market continues to grow. Fancy packaging, heavy buzzwords, and promised benefits can get in the way of cutting through the noise and finding a multi-sourced collagen protein.

To ensure you’re buying a multi, look for these things:

  • Multi, Multi-sourced, All-in-One
  • 4 Animal Sources
  • All 5 Roman Numerals (I, II, III, V, X)
  • MORE than just beef peptides in ingredients (i.e. chicken peptides, marine peptides, albumen protein)

Of course, we’d be honored if you tried one of our multi collagen protein supplements. Give us a try, we think you’ll fall in love with us.

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