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September 1, 2020


Our Customer Q&A topic explores more uncommon collagen questions.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body, about 25-35% of whole body protein content. It is a main component of our connective tissue, many of our organs (including the heart, lungs and digestive system), our blood vessels, our bones and our joints. More ⇾ What is Collagen?

What are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen Peptides (also called Hydrolyzed Collagen), are short chains of amino acids derived from collagen. Collagen peptides are the more broken down form of collagen. This means that the protein is fully broken down, therefore making it more bio-available and ready to be easily absorbed.

How can Collagen help me?

We manufacture collagen from food we eat, however, around age 25-30 the production of collagen begins to slow down. Supplementing with collagen (or consuming the whole food form) can drastically improve many everyday functions and help restore overall health. More ⇾ Collagen Benefits or see our founder’s awesome collagen testimonial.

What do the Types mean? (Type I, II, III, etc.)

There are at least 28 known types of collagen in the human body; however, almost 80-90% are Type I, Type II and Type III. Each type has a different function or supporting role in our body. See: 5 Types of Collagen

What is MULTI collagen?

A supplement that claims to be a MULTI collagen contains collagen from at least 2 different kinds of animal sources. Also referred to as “All-in-One” collagen.

Who can take Collagen?

Collagen is great for AdultsAthletesCrossFittersKidsSeniors, and even Businesses who want to buy Collagen at Wholesale to help their customers live life to the fullest (e.g. Gyms, Chiropractors, Salons, Physical Rehabilitation Centers)

Can kids (under 18) take Collagen?

YES! Kids can (and should on our recommendation) have collagen every day. We recommend 1 serving per 50 pounds of body weight. And if the child is less than 50 pounds, a full serving is still great! More ⇾ All about Collagen & Children

How much Collagen should I take a day?

Dr. Cate, M.D. recommends 1 scoop per 50lb of body weight with a max of 4-5 scoops daily for best results. We’ll help with the math: that’s 2-4 scoops daily for the average adult.

Starting your morning with a scoop of our unflavored, chocolate, or vanilla in hot coffee is a common way to take collagen!

How much collagen per day Infographic

How long should I consume Collagen?

Collagen is like brushing your teeth. Meaning, if you stop doing it you lose the health benefits. If you stop brushing your teeth, it is a matter of time that they will probably deteriorate from an overall health perspective. This is why we recommend consuming collagen from food or our supplement on a DAILY basis.

Are there Heavy Metals in Collagen?

Heavy metals in collagen peptides isn’t just a collagen problem, it’s a dietary supplement problem. Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury are dangerous and can cause an array of health problems when consumed. You can avoid these heavy metals by ignoring faulty claims, reading labels, and verifying the collagen has passed third-party heavy metal testing.

Are there Side Effects from taking Collagen?

We have heard from very few customers (3 total over 3 years) that have some skin irritation or stomach irrational which is usually from the fish or egg collagen. And if this happens we are the company that will (and have) recommended the customer to buy a competitors’ product that is ONLY beef or chicken collagen. We just want people to be consuming more collagen, even if it isn’t ours!

How do I take Collagen Powder?

Our multi-collagen in unflavored and an easily dissolved powder that can be mixed with a number of different foods. It dissolves best in warm beverages or hot water, collagen peptides in coffee is very popular. Once diluted with hot water, it can be combined with any beverage of choice, just don’t mix with Coke. That kind of defeats the whole purpose. It can be used as a flour replacement in baking or added to any cooking dish as well. More ideas: Best Ways to take Collagen Powder

What is a Collagen Supplement?

Collagen is naturally found in organ meats and meat cooked on the bone, like a bone-in ribeye for example. Collagen can be made into a supplement through the processing of animal bone, joints, skin and even organs. These can come from any animal including cows, chickens, fish, pigs and dinosaurs. Collagen can even be extracted from the membrane of egg shells.

What kind of Fish is used in a Multi (or Marine-only) Collagen Supplement?

Supplement companies will typically have their fish of choice that works well for them. We’ve seen the following fish used in collagen supplements: whitefish (cod, haddock, pollack), tilapia, and red snapper. We’ve even seen herring and mackerel. CB Supplements multi collagen products uses both wild caught tilapia and red snapper fish.

What’s the Best collagen supplement?

We created this best collagen supplement shopping guide so you can decide yourself.

What are the various forms of Collagen Supplements you can buy?

So, our bias answer is powder. Cause that’s what we’re all about with our multi collagen protein powders. Unbiased answer: collagen supplements come in 6 main forms (Powder, Pills/Capsules, Drinks, Bars, Shots, & Gummies)

Can I get Collagen from Foods rather than Supplements?

YES, of course. As crazy as this sounds, we encourage you to get collagen from food first. Here are the foods that contain collagen.

Is there more Collagen in Food or Supplements?

This is a tricky answer. The simple answer is supplements have more collagen because they’re concentrated. However, food has more overall nutritional benefits because of all the other wonderful and important things (vitamins, minerals, bio-active compounds, etc.)

Can Collagen be Heated without being Damaged?

Absolutely collagen can be heated! Collagen comes from durable stuff, like bone. You can mix into hot liquids, cook with it, and microwave it without fear of losing its awesome nutritional value.

Does Collagen Protein replace my Whey Protein?

The short answer is, no. You need both collagen and whey! They have different benefits in the body. See: Collagen Protein vs Whey Protein

Can I give Collagen to my Dogs, Cats?

Just like humans, our furry friends could use a collagen boost too! That’s why we introduced our Collagen for Dogs formula – specially flavored for our pets!

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