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November 10, 2021


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Collagen supplements have taken over the supplement aisle. Business is booming. There are 6 main forms to choose from: Powder, Pills/Capsules, Drinks, Bars, Shots, and Gummies. Each form of these collagen supplements has a different experience when consuming and brings a varied amount of collagen per serving. Though many will argue their preferred form of collagen to consume, it’s truly a personal choice. If you’re shooting for 20-30g of collagen protein daily, then you’ll maybe want to diversify and choose a couple of forms based upon time available to consume, travel restrictions, access to mixing agents, and satiation.

Collagen Supplements are…everywhere

Collagen Supplement aisle in Grocery Store

♫ Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign ♫

You recall that classic 70’s song by Five Man Electrical Band.

Fast forward 50 years, it’s now:

♫ Supplement Supplement, Everywhere a Supplement ♫

Supplements are no doubt, overtaking grocery stores and online retailers. And they have a new poster child.


Collagen Supplement Market is booming

The collagen supplement global market is rapidly growing, projected to reach nearly 7 billion by 2025. U.S. consumers continue to spend millions on products that have collagen as the main ingredient (growth chart below).

Collagen Supplements Growth in US
Source: NewHope.com

This is great news if you’re in the collagen business (like us), but bad news if you’re a consumer and looking to make sense of all the collagen supplement forms and make a smart decision for your body (and wallet).

But, let’s start at the beginning here.

What are Collagen Supplements?

Let’s frame this entire conversation by defining exactly what a collagen supplement is before we get into the various forms of collagen supplements.

The simple definition: A collagen supplement is a product (in various forms we’ll explore below) manufactured with the goal to provide the body with additional collagen protein.

Are all collagen supplements created equally? Of course, you know my answer (and it’s “No” if you didn’t).


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Here's a resource you can use to evaluate a collagen supplement through the lens of 1) ingredients 2) third-party certification 3) price 4) selection and 5) customer service.

Why take Collagen Supplements?

Why do we need additional collagen? Good question.

Collagen is really important. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. It’s the main component of our connective tissue, many of our organs (including the heart, lungs, and digestive system), blood vessels, bones, and joints.

Collagen is produced naturally by our body (see What is Collagen?), but around the age of 25-30 (for reasons we don’t quite understand yet), we all start to see a decline in collagen production. This starts that wonderful phase of life we call the “aging process” (aka, gettin’ old y’all!)

We have 2 options to get more collagen into our body:

  1. Eat lots of foods that contain collagen (Bone Broth, Organ Meats, Meat on the Bone, Eggs) — we always recommend getting your nutrition from food first, then supplement.
  2. Supplement (like with our premium grade Multi Collagen Protein).

If you’re like many of us that come up short with our natural collagen intake via foods, supplementation is the next logical (and easy) step and can drastically improve many everyday functions and help restore overall health. Collagen can be taken at any age over 2, and since they’re so prevalent today, you now see why the collagen industry is booming!

Smiling Illustration Collagen Must be Ingested to work
Yes, you need to EAT collagen. Don’t be fooled.

Important note: Collagen supplements need to be ingested for your body to absorb/use them

No, you can’t rub in collagen via a cream for your body to use [insert eye-roll here] — more on that in the gimmicks section below.

But, let’s first get into the various forms of collagen supplements that you may have seen out there.

6 Best Forms of Collagen Supplements

Just like many other supplements, collagen comes in a variety of vehicles to transport into your body. You can dissolve, eat, and drink your way to more collagen.

Here are the 6 most common forms of collagen supplements on the market today:

  1. Powder
  2. Pills/Capsules
  3. Drinks
  4. Bars
  5. Shots
  6. Gummies

note: we’ll continue to add to this list as new products are introduced

Let’s touch on each form, starting with the very popular (and what CB Supplements offers), collagen powder.

1. Collagen Powder

Form of Collagen: Powder

Collagen powder is the king of collagen supplements.

Most collagen supplement brands will offer a powder because of its versatility with liquids and foods. You can also cook with it! It’s like the cool kid in school, but he’s also genuinely kind and very handsome.

If you’re already sold on collagen powder, don’t miss our guide on How to Take Collagen Powder. Also, we’ve published 50+ collagen recipes using our unflavored multi collagen protein powder.

Collagen powder is also awesome because you can flavor it. If your mouth just started watering, check out our:

Collagen per serving: 1 scoop will provide ~7 grams of collagen protein

2. Collagen Pills/Capsules

Collagen Form: Pills/Capsules

Gosh, I can’t wait to pop a dozen pills today.

If you’re one of these people, then Collagen Pills or Capsules is a great way to get your collagen intake.

Yes, pills are much easier to travel with if you’re on-the-go and they’re quick to take. But, outside of that — we don’t see much appeal over other collagen supplements. You’d have to swallow a lot of frikin’ pills to get 15-20 grams of collagen a day.

Be on the lookout for another blog titled: Collagen Powder vs. Collagen Pills. This topic deserves its own attention, there’s much to discuss.

Collagen per serving: 3 collagen pills/capsules provide around 2g of collagen protein.

3. Collagen Drinks

Collagen Water Dumping on Head
Is collagen water cool? Yes. Would you pour it on your face? Probably not.

Get my H2O and my collagen intake?

You can see why collagen-infused beverages are hitting the market. Typically they’re served chilled, great for on-the-go, and flavored with a combo of juice, fruit concentrate, tea extracts, and monk fruit extract.

Collagen per serving: A collagen 12 oz drink will typically provide 10g of collagen protein.

4. Collagen Bars

Collagen Forms: Bars
Collagen Bars are becoming increasingly popular because we’re all used to the “protein bar” snack.

My first collagen protein bar was Bulletproof’s Vanilla Shortbread. I came to love their Lemon Cookie as well.

Nearly everyone has eaten a protein bar at one point in their lives, you know how this works and the benefits of bars (another convenient on-the-go protein snack). The difference with collagen bars is that their protein source is provided by, uh, collagen of course.

Collagen per serving: A collagen protein bar will typically provide 12g of collagen protein.

5. Collagen Shots

Meme Zoolander Collagen for Ants

Not shots as in needles.

Shots as in small containers of collagen.

Collagen Shots are an interesting take on the collagen supplement world — it’s like the 5-Hour Energy Drink, but without all the bad side effects. Oh, and did we mention collagen is actually good for you?

Just like the aforementioned energy drink, collagen shots typically come with a little caffeine. They’re yet another great portable option that can be taken really any time of the day. And they fit in your pocket.

Collagen per serving: A 2 oz collagen shot will typically provide 7g of collagen protein.

6. Collagen Gummies

Collagen Form: Gummy

I mean, come on. Gummies? Who doesn’t love a gummy?

They look like candy. They don’t quite taste like candy. But, my heart flutters a little every time I hold one. Maybe it’s because I ate too many sour patch kids back in the day? Maybe.

Collagen gummies are beloved by kids (so we’ve heard), and remember, collagen has awesome benefits for kids too.

Other supplements (e.g. vitamins) rule the gummy market. But, from our research, a quality collagen gummy is a little harder to find and purchase. Many top collagen brands don’t even offer gummies (yet). Until they’re more available, make your own! Try this collagen gummy recipe from Primal Kitchen.

Collagen Gimmicks

Don’t be fooled. It’ll cost you.

Collagen supplements are food.

It comes from the skin, bones, and ligaments of animal sources such as beef, chicken, and/or fish. What do you do with food? Eat it. So ingesting collagen is by nature more effective.

So, any collagen supplement or product you can’t EAT will be flushing money down the toilet.

More: Do Collagen Creams Work?

Is there a Best Form of Collagen Supplements?

Collagen Berry Smoothie Bowls Ingredients
We may be partial to Collagen Powder because it’s versatile and simple to take

Participation Trophy

Now that you know all the wonderful forms of collagen supplements to choose from, let’s answer the million dollar question.

What is the best form of collagen to take?

Let’s start by simply addressing the fact that all collagen is awesome. The long list of collagen’s benefits can’t be ignored. If you’re not getting enough from food (see these collagen-rich foods), then the more you can supplement, the better.

With that said, we think everyone is a winner here (sorry to disappoint). I guess that means everyone is getting a participation trophy?

All forms are terrific for supplementing your collagen. The real question here is, what collagen form is best for you?

Guide for choosing Best Form of Collagen

If you’re aiming for 20-30 grams of collagen protein daily, keep things interesting by using a few different forms during the day.

  • Use collagen powder: if you love coffee, tea, and hot drinks (it’s a snap to drop in a scoop)
  • Grab a collagen bar: if you’re on the run & needing satiation
  • Pop collagen pills: if you’re traveling light, love swallowing pills, and don’t have individual collagen serving powder packs
  • Munch on a collagen gummy: if you can make them beforehand, seeking a creative way to give collagen to your kids, or just need a gummy fix
  • Down a collagen shot: to help you reminiscence your college days (j/k, maybe)
  • Use collagen powder: if you’re already taking whey protein post-workout, add a scoop to your shaker (see: collagen vs whey)
  • Sip on collagen water: if you’re thirsty and wanting something pre-mixed & cold
  • Use collagen powder: if you enjoy cooking, baking, pasta, soups

Obviously we could keep going with collagen powder, see 15+ ways to take collagen powder.

As more collagen supplements hit the market, you’ll have more options. But, maybe that’s not a good thing? We hope this has been helpful and you’re motivated to experiment with all the various forms of collagen.

Collagen Cheers!

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