Q&A: Can Collagen Peptides be taken with GI Supplements, Probiotics, Vitamins?


May 24, 2021


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Can collagen peptides be taken with GI supplements, probiotics, and other vitamins? GI supplements will be trickier than probiotics and vitamins. Dr. Cate, M.D. and Charlie team up and make sense of it all in this customer Q&A.


Can collagen peptides be taken with GI supplements, probiotics, and other vitamins? Is there anything it shouldn’t be mixed with?Frances

There are a couple points to address in Frances’ question, so we’ll break each point out and address individually below.

Can collagen peptides be taken with GI supplements?

Dr. Cate’s answer:

If your gastrointestinal supplements contain enzymes, they may chop up some of the bioactive peptides. Unlike our normal digestive enzymes, which are not released until passing through the stomach, external enzymes can start breaking the stuff down if they’re mixed together or swallowed together.

Other than that, feel free to consume together.

Can collagen peptides be taken with probiotics & vitamins?

Dr. Cate’s answer:

There’s no reason to expect that probiotics and vitamins would interfere with collagen’s health effects or that collagen would interfere with the health effects of vitamins and probiotics.


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Collagen WITH vitamins and minerals? Sounds like the utopia of collagen + nutrition! Or is it? Could it be just fancy marketing? Thanks to Dr. Cate, M.D., we get to the bottom of this nutrition debate.

Is there anything collagen peptides shouldn’t be mixed with?

Charlie’s answer:

Soda! Never, ever, with soda. 🙂 See our collagen recipes for ideas.

Dr. Cate’s answer:

Vegetable oil! Never, ever, with vegetable oil. 🙂 (see: List of Good Fats and Oils versus Bad)

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