Q&A: Can you Drink the Collagen Residue at the bottom of Coffee?


June 12, 2023



When I add your multi collagen protein powder to my coffee, are you supposed to consume the brown and white residue at the bottom of the cup?Michael

Thanks for the question, Michael!

What is this, residue/sediment?

The brown/white residue is the 3% of our multi collagen powder that didn’t dissolve in your coffee and collagen.

Note: cause it can be hard to differentiate, this residue/sediment could also be some leftover grinds from your brewing process (e.g. bad filter, etc.)

What? Your collagen doesn’t 100% dissolve?

That’s correct. And we’re OK with that.

Our product is a lot like an unfiltered beer in that we don’t process the hell out of it. This is absolutely intentional to ensure our multi collagen products are best-in-class — the fact that our multi collagen is NSF Certified for Sport® is proof of our quality. That makes us the first and only multi collagen on the market NSF certified.


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When we say our products aren’t 100% dissolvable (it’s probably like ~97%), just know that we’re fully confident in making that statement.

Do other collagen powders have 100% dissolvability? Oh for sure. But, I guarantee they’re over-manufacturing it, and then you need to question the collagen’s quality and real impact it’s having in your body. Collagen’s benefits are awesome, but only if you’re consuming a quality collagen.

Since we believe you should get your nutrition from food FIRST then supplement, we’ll always ensure the manufacturing of our product mimics the nutrients and benefits of real food — in particular bone broth.

We choose quality first.

And if that means having 97% dissolvability — we’re cool.

OK, OK — but can you drink the residue?

YES, you can drink the residue at the bottom of your collagen coffee! It’s just undissolved collagen and it’s completely safe.

I know it sounds weird, but swoosh around the residue sediment at the bottom and drink it up! It’s PACKED with the good stuff.

Slurp it up!Charlie, Founder

Remember, our multi collagen complex uses bone broths as an ingredient. That means every sip (even the last one with residue!), contains the “magic stuff” of glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, and glucosamine.

Slurp it up (per Charlie) and take in the magic. 🙂

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