Q&A: How do I know your Collagen has Certified its Purity?


June 12, 2023


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A great question. One that every human who consumes a supplement should ask. Is your supplement (in our case, collagen) not only clean, but can I trust the purity of it? The answer? Easy. Get it third-party tested like we did. TWICE.


How do I know your collagen has certified its purity?Mary

We’re not very trusting.

Though the FDA says they regulate supplements, the fact is they don’t do it well. Don’t believe me? This study found 97% of 776 supplements had “unauthorized” pharmaceutical ingredients.

Not acceptable.

We can’t pin the quality of our multi collagen protein products on the government overseeing this massive market with limited resources.

So, what did we do?

We double down on protecting our products and loyal customers

  1. We had our multi collagen powder NSF Certified for Sport® (the gold standard for supplement certification). This means it was tested for 270+ substances, ensures no unsafe levels of contaminants (there are no unsafe levels of heavy metals in our collagen), and audits the entire end-to-end manufacturing process.
  2. We had the purity of our unflavored multi collagen powder tested by another third-party company — Bio-synthesis — a well-respected life sciences lab focused on research and manufacturing since 1984.

Purity of Multi Collagen Third-party Tested by Bio-Synthesis

Why do we test the purity of our multi collagen?

One of our 3 founding pillars is premium product.

We take product quality and integrity seriously. So serious that we’re willing to forgo some profit to afford these two tests (yes, they are very expensive).

Hey, if we’re going to give our children CB Supplements collagen (and we do, see Is Collagen Safe for Kids?) — it better be the best on the planet. We’re not giving a bad supplement to our kids. Period.

What does a collagen purity test show, anyway?

A collagen purity certification will test for 2 major things:

  1. Protein Contents
  2. Amino Acid Profile


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How is a purity test performed on a collagen supplement?

We provided them with a large sample, they ran their tests, and we waited a few weeks to get the results.

If you want a fancier description, here’s some verbiage I pulled straight from their Amino Acid Analysis:

16.9 mg of sample solution was hydrolyzed in 6N for HCI for 24 hrs at 110C. Hydrolysate was dried and resuspended in 20.0 mL of H20, 10 uls of above solution were added to 90 uls of reaction buffer to make a 100 uls solution and 1 ul was injected onto column.

I’m no chemistry buff (though I was pretty good at Physics in High School), but that sounds pretty legit.

What were the results of our collagen purity test?

Without revealing our secret sauce (our analysis report shows our secret sauce), Biosynthesis found that our protein contents and amino acid profile were accurate.

So, what we say on our label (7g of Protein), is in fact, 7g of collagen protein!

Multi Collagen Protein Powder Unflavored NSF Certified Supplement Facts CB Supplements
Bio-synthesis verified both our Protein content (7g) and Amino Acid profile.

So, like, what does this mean exactly?

This means that you won’t find a cleaner multi collagen protein powder on the market. We’re the first and only multi collagen NSF certified and our purity certified by a third-party science lab.

It just doesn’t get much better than that (sorry, but not sorry, for the humble brag).

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