Collagen Latte Recipes

4 Collagen Latte Recipes that’ll make your Soul Sing

Is your soul on a mission to find a delicious latte that’s easy-to-make and power-packed with collagen protein? We’re here to help you accomplish that mission. We’ve gathered our best collagen latte recipes in one place for you. Here are 4 recipes that’ll make your morning (and day) be filled with happiness, joy, and collagen protein.

Collagen Protein Recipes for Kids

14 Collagen Protein Recipes for Kids: Shakes, Snacks, Desserts & more!

It can be challenging to get our kids to eat enough protein (consistently) to keep their bellies full and to help with all the growth that is happening in their young bodies. As parents, we’re always seeking high protein ideas. If you know collagen, love collagen, and want to put collagen protein in your kids’ food — we got you boo! We’ve compiled this delicious list of collagen protein recipes including shakes, snacks, desserts, and more!

Yummy Holiday Collagen Recipes

Yummy Holiday Collagen Recipes (to help you find balance)

Ah, the Holidays. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to crush it. AND you’re going to GET crushed. Don’t act ignorant, you know there’s yummy temptation around every corner. So, are the holidays a lost cause? Not if collagen has anything to say about it. Try boosting your warm drinks, baked goods, and more with these powerhouse holiday collagen recipes!

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