Collagen Supplement Subscription: 4 No-Brainer Reasons to Subscribe!


Eric Sharp

October 26, 2021

You love collagen, we love you. So, let's make it official and get subscribed! Not convinced? Listen, we all know adding another subscription to your life is probably not at the top of your list. But, this one is a no-brainer. Here are 4 reasons why a subscription to our collagen supplement is different.

This ain’t no underwear or cosmetic subscription.

We’re talking about your health, folks.

If you’re interested in a collagen supplement subscription, then I’m guessing you’re already sold on collagen powder’s benefits and taking, or thinking about taking, regularly. Collagen not only gives you the hair, skin, and nails of the Gods — but it also helps your tendons, ligaments, joints, digestive health, bones, and heart. And much more.

If you’re not eating enough foods high in collagen, then collagen supplementation is the next right step.

Why not put that part of your overall nutrition on auto-pilot, save money, and receive some perks along the way?

Winter Seasonal Flavor

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4 reasons why you should begin a collagen supplement subscription

Subscribing to any one of our multi collagen protein supplements seems like a no-brainer to us.

But, if you need further convincing here are 4 strong benefits of starting one.

1. FREE shipping on ALL orders

On your first container, on EVERY container.

This will save you at least $8 bucks every shipment. If you want your collagen to arrive every month, boom, there’s $8 in your pocket. That’ll probably cover your creamer every month, which makes your coffee and collagen even more satisfying. Here’s how to use collagen powder.

You have ultimate flexibility here by choosing:

CB Supplements Multi Collagen Protein Powder
You have plenty of collagen options with CB Supplements!

2. Save more money! Up to 15% off every shipment

Hey, we told you this was a good deal.

Save even more money (up to 15% off!) by simply subscribing. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Get a shipment every month: 15% off
  • Get a shipment every 2 months: 12.5% off
  • Get a shipment every 3 months: 10% off

Clearly, the more frequent you subscribe, the more money you save. 🙂

3. Never run out of collagen!

Running out of things needed in your daily life sucks. Toilet paper, milk, coffee (oh boy) — it’s never, ever fun. We should all put these basic necessities on autopilot and just set it and forget it.

That’s what a collagen supplement subscription does for you. Set it and forget it!

How much collagen per day Infographic
Learn about how much collagen you need per day

The average adult should take anywhere from 2-4 scoops of collagen powder a day. Our multi collagen protein powders (both our Every Day Multi Collagen and NSF Certified Multi Collagen) will contain 58 servings per container.

Here, we’ll help with the math:

  • 2 scoops/day: a container will last 29 days
  • 3 scoops/day: a container will last 20 days
  • 4 scoops/day: a container will last 15 days

Factor in your body weight and the number of scoops and then choose a subscription that works for you! Oh, and you can modify your subscription at any time if you’re going faster/slower on your collagen consumption. And of course, if you need to cancel, we’ll be super sad but understand that too.

4. Exclusive access to limited seasonal flavors

Here’s our goal with our Every Day Multi Collagen:

Be the tastiest multi collagen with the biggest variety.

That means seasonal flavors (e.g. Pumpkin Collagen in the Fall) is something we’re committing to. Though these seasonal flavors are not available for subscription, you do get first access at a BIG discounted rate.

By being a subscriber, you get the opportunity to buy a container (or as many as you’d like) before we make our seasonal multi collagen powder available to the masses. And trust us, you want this access — cause these flavors fly off the shelf!

Collagen Supplement Subscription? Why not?

We may be biased, but these 4 reasons to subscribe to a collagen subscription are just too convincing.

To subscribe, it’s as simple as choosing the subscription option before adding the product to your cart. Select the frequency and quantity, and begin enjoying that collagen autopilot life!

Thanks for being here!

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Do you love collagen as much as we do? Looking for collagen-specific recipes?


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50+ Collagen Recipes

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Our multi collagen is a powerful food that maintains digestive health, aides sleep, boosts the immune system, supports bones and joints, strengthens hair/skin/nails, and much more!


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