Multi Collagen Single Serve Selector

Single Serve Selector - Multi Collagen

2,024 possible collagen options! (yes, we did the math)


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4 Food Sources

Grass Fed Pasture Raised Beef, Wild Caught Fish, Cage Free Chickens, Egg Shell Membrane

5 Collagen Types (I, II, III, V, X)

Non-GMO Ingredients

Gluten-free, Paleo-friendly

Manufactured in U.S. GMP Facility

Choose up to 21 packs below, of any combo

Unflavored Multi Collagen Single Serve

Chocolate Multi Collagen Single Serve

Vanilla Multi Collagen Single Serve

Strawberry Lemonade Multi Collagen Single Serve

Icon Non-GMO Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Grass-fed Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Gluten Free Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Dairy Free Lactose Free Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Soy Free Multi Collagen Powder
Icon Paleo Friendly Multi Collagen Powder
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Reviews of our Multi Collagen "Single Serve Selector"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rob Milligan (Miami, FL)

Great product. Highly recommend. Single serve selector pack makes it easy to try out different flavors.

Thanks so much Rob! The single serves are awesome for convenience when traveling or simply running around on weekends to ensure that you get your daily collagen dose


I have seen such a great improvement since taking it. I will be purchasing more as I am down to my last 5 packs....oh no!

WOW Kimberly! This is absolutely amazing to hear! Thank you so much for supporting us and please continue to spread the collagen love with your family and friends!

Kathryn Vantine (Franklin, MI)
Chocolate collagen

It is wonderful. Have only had it for 2 days. I use it with a 1/4 cup coffee, 1/4 cup 100% coconut milk, and 8-10 oz water . Sooo good

Oh WOW Kathryn! That sounds delicious! Thanks for the tasty suggestion. Chocolate is Sabrina’s (our COO) favorite flavor, so she’s excited to give this recipe a try.

Patricia D Smith (State College, PA)
Prompt, generous, and kindly thorough!

I believe I am already experiencing healthier skin, nails, and hair after one month's use the CB Supplements' unflavored collagen; 2 scoops per day added to my scrambled eggs or to one of my cups of hot salted water. These are impacts I can see... I'm excited regarding those benefits I cannot yet see/feel but am anticipating feeling ( like formy 64 year old stressed joints)! Each day I experience "a hungering" for the collagen in one of these two ways. So I recently ordered my second container of the plain collagen. I was so pleased when it arrived within three same week I ordered it! The same prompt and great quality of service I received the first time!! Plus I could apply a $5 coupon the company included with my first order. My first order also included the individual sample packets of the flavored CB Supplements' collagen which I am so happy to have to share with others ( spreading the good word!) and using in recipes ( I made a chocolate frosty for my husband with one- it was a hit!!)! CB Supplements generously included the three free packets with my second order too; wow!! And I had several intercommunications with their customer service team, each of which was out of the ordinary in congeniality and cheerful helpfulness. When I find a product that is beneficial and high quality, and a company that is prompt, generous, and kindly thorough...I intend to stick with them ( and to spread the word)!

Patricia!!! You are truly AMAZING!!!! We appreciate you and your kind words more than you can imagine. Thank you again for being such a strong “brand ambassador” for us! We look forward to hearing more great success stories from you as you continue to spread the collagen love!

Phillip Calvin (Los Angeles, CA)
Kids love it

This is there best way I have found to get the little ones to enjoy a healthy beverage.

That's great Phillip! Children can benefit from taking collagen just as much as adults. Love that the whole family can enjoy being healthy. Thanks for taking the time to review us!

Wilson Torres (Winter Park, FL)
Really good!

All the flavors taste very good and we are CB customers for life now. Our kids like them too. This product has become a staple in our house now.

That's wonderful! Collagen is great for the whole family. We're so glad you are happy with your flavor bundle and thank you for being such loyal customers!

Cristin Gengler (Wading River, NY)

I have been putting it in my coffee
It’s growing on me!

Thanks Cristin--We love a good coffee and collagen combo! Thanks for taking the time to review us!

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