Q&A: What Organ Produces Collagen?


June 4, 2023


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What organ creates collagen in the human body? Stomach? Heart? Liver? Brain? The answer is not what you think — and Dr. Cate M.D. helps us explain it.


What organ produces collagen?Jimmy

No organ produces collagen.

It’s all about the fibroblasts.

Fibroblasts are cells that live in all of our connective tissues that are dispersed throughout the body. Because they make collagen, and collagen holds all our cells together, fibroblasts are the unsung heroes of multicellular life. But more than that, because athletes (see: Collagen is for Athletes) need strong ligaments and joints, they’re really the unsung heroes of athletic competition.

Fibroblasts are dispersed throughout the body and it’s their job to make collagen for all of our connective tissues, including skin, bone, ligament, and tendon.

Sorry organs, the fibroblasts have this one. 🙂

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