Q&A: Can Collagen Peptides help with Muscle Growth?


September 8, 2022


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Though collagen may stimulate the production of certain proteins needed for muscle growth, collagen’s superpower is not muscle growth. It is connective tissue building. Are strong muscles awesome? Of course. But, overly strong muscles paired with weak joints is a recipe for injury. Collagen supports tendons, ligaments, and joints to help those muscles be flexed like 1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger.


I hear much about collagen and recovery, but can collagen peptides help with muscle growth too?Shawn

As we explored in Collagen Benefits: 7 main ways it can help your body, collagen can help increase muscle mass and lose weight.

But, let’s talk more science — cause collagen won’t make you look like 1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Collagen is found in muscle tissue, but only a small percentage (studies show anywhere from 1%-10% of muscles are made up of collagen). When it comes to muscle growth, collagen may help stimulate the production of certain proteins needed for muscle growth.

But, muscle growth is not the superpower of collagen.

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Collagen’s superpower is connective tissue building. It helps you recover faster and more completely by supporting your joints with unique amino acids and the signaling peptides they need to rebuild what you broke down during an intense workout. That’s why collagen benefits athletes (both amateurs and professionals) by helping them avoid injury and/or illness.

Collagen Protein's Superpower - Connective Tissue Building

(Disclaimer: no supplement in the world, even collagen, will prevent injury — it’s just one domino to an athlete’s overall health!)

2/3 of career ending injuries are a direct result of weak ligaments and tendons. Most athletes are leaving a gaping hole in their nutritional program that cannot be filled by whey or vegan protein powder, it can only be filled by homemade bone broth or collagen supplements.Dr. Cate, M.D.

So should you NOT take collagen if you’re wanting to build muscle? Our perspective is that to have strong muscles, you need strong joints.

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Collagen’s bioactive amino acids and peptides support the connection points between muscle and bone, and between bone and bone. If you don’t have strong connection points, your beautiful, ripped body can literally rip itself apart.

Dr. Cate says it best:

Without strong, supple joints, an athlete doesn’t stand a chance. Without joint-supporting nutrition, an athlete’s joints don’t stand a chance.

Many athletes of all kinds get tunnel vision with muscles. And understandably so, there’s much emphasis on muscles when it comes to strength training and performance. But, guess what supports those awesome muscles? That’s right, tendons. Overly strong muscles paired with weak joints and tendons is a recipe for disaster.

Consuming more collagen, either through collagen-rich foods or a multi collagen protein supplement, is a big part of this conversation and will aid in overall health so you can build strong muscles. 💪

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