Raising the Banner at CrossFit Orlando


Eric Sharp

August 31, 2019

We received our 6' CB Supplements banner recently and Kyle and I found the perfect spot in CrossFit Orlando to hang it — our home gym and where it all started.

As we continue to form relationships with new CrossFit gyms, we also realize how important it is to take care of existing boxes.

Especially our pals at CrossFit Orlando.

What does “take care of” mean? Well, we think it means really three things:

  1. Ensuring the box owners (in this case Lou/Gabe) are consistently stocked with our multi collagen protein so they’re never out
  2. Assisting those box owners in educating their members of the benefits of collagen
  3. Always be thankful for their business & never take it for granted
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CFO has been nothing but supportive of CB Supplements, and recently granted us permission to add a little more color to their walls. Check out a quick time lapse video of myself and Kyle “raising the banner” (or, simply replacing an old banner with ours). 🙂

Here’s to (hopefully) many more CB Supplements banners in CrossFit gyms in the future!

More on how Collagen helps CrossFitters or see the Wholesale Collagen opportunities available!

You’ll see our banner at the entry of CrossFit Orlando (oh HEEEY coach Sabrina!)

Thanks for being here!

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