Q&A: Is Your Collagen Easier to Digest than my Previous One?


June 12, 2023


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A true collagen product shouldn’t be hard on your stomach (look for certification and purity testing!) An over-processed collagen supplement may contain byproducts, which could be the culprit. Aside from being NSF Certified (the gold standard) and our purity tested, CB Supplements MULTI collagen offers more health benefits than a standard bovine collagen. Charlie and Dr. Cate, M.D. team up to answer this customer’s question.


I used to take Collagen Peptides Powder by ********. I loved the benefits but it was rough on my stomach/digestion. Is your collagen easier to digest than the ******** one? And, if I take it at night before bed could that be more gentle digestion than with a coffee in the morning?Kelly

There are a couple points to address in Kelly’s question, so we’ll break each point out and address individually below.

I loved the benefits but it was rough on my stomach/digestion.

Dr. Cate’s answer:

I’m not sure why any true collagen product would be hard on your stomach. The only things I can think of are:

  • If the hydrolysis is not completed, then you may have an allergy of some sort to the incompletely hydrolyzed components. (Resource: What are Collagen Peptides Made of (And How is it Made?)
  • If the product is processed in a way that leads to byproducts, then those byproducts may have detrimental effects.

Our collagen is tested for purity and amino acid content. It’s also the first and only NSF Certified for Sport® Multi Collagen.

Purity of Multi Collagen Third-party Tested by Bio-Synthesis

Is your collagen easier to digest than the ******** one?

Charlie’s answer:

I took ******** before starting CB Supplements (see my Collagen Testimonial) and was impressed with the product as well. I have nothing bad to say about them, they are a great company! The difference between their product and ours is simple — they use ONLY collagen from bovine, which is cow skin, and we use a multi-sourced collagen complex (see our Multi Collagen Protein products) from beef skin, beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, eggshell membrane, and fish skin/bones. Hence why our label says collagen “complex” on the nutrition label.


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What to Look for in Collagen Powder: Buying Guide

Why is this important? Collagen just from bovine only offers Type I & Type III and will only really help hair/skin/nails. Our product offers 5 types of collagen (I, II, III, V, X) and has an array of health benefits ranging from digestive support, hair/skin/nails, joint support, better sleep/recovery, strengthened bones, and many more.

If I take it at night before bed could that be more gentle digestion than with a coffee in the morning?Kelly

Charlie’s answer:

It doesn’t really matter when collagen is consumed actually. Much unlike other protein sources, collagen can be taken whenever! In theory, though, it makes sense that taking at night will help support digestion the following morning.

Dr. Cate’s answer:

In addition to what Charlie says it’s also true that with more food in your stomach it may help buffer whatever is bothering you.

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