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4 Food Sources

5 Collagen Types (I, II, III, V, X)

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I switched to CB Supplements because it's a combo of fish, chicken AND beef. Other national brands are simply beef peptides.

Ansley Schrimsher

Collagen Customer Review - Darroughs

The collagen definitely helps us do it all, while juggling our careers & a young family.

Jason & Nicole Darrough

Known as the foundation and scaffolding of our bodies, collagen protein is a super-food that has delivered stunning health to our grandmother and our caveman ancestors. Some might call collagen protein the ‘fountain of youth’ for the healing and restorative properties on overall health and vitality.

Our unflavored and colorless multi-collagen is an amazing addition to any hot beverage or smoothie. A powerful food that fixes digestive issues, aides sleep, boosts the immune system, supports bones and joints, and strengthens hair/skin/nails.

CB Supplements grass fed multi-collagen protein powder is made from the highest quality sources; Grass-fed Beef, Wild-caught Red Snapper, and Cage Free Chickens. Our ingredients are simple: Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Peptides, Bovine Bone Broth Hydrolyzed Protein, Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides, Chicken Bone Broth Collagen Concentrate, and Eggshell Membrane Collagen.

Since our collagen is from multiple sources (most collagens are only beef or chicken), we can proudly say our protein powder peptides contains 5 types of collagen (I, II, III, V, X).

If you’re seeking premium, high-grade multi-collagen — you’ve found it. AND, we have a best price guarantee!

What more could you want?

Multi Collagen Protein Powder Supplement Facts
Amino Acids of Multi Collagen Protein Powder
Multi Collagen Ingredients - Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed, Pastured Raised Beef

Multi Collagen Ingredients - Cage Free Chickens

Cage Free Chickens

Multi Collagen Ingredients - Fish

Wild Caught Red Snapper Fish

Multi Collagen Ingredients - Eggs

Egg Shell Membrane

Multi Collagen Ingredients - Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed, Pastured Raised Beef

Multi Collagen Ingredients - Cage Free Chickens

Cage Free Chickens

Multi Collagen Ingredients - Fish

Wild Caught Red Snapper Fish

Multi Collagen Ingredients - Eggs

Egg Shell Membrane


Increasing collagen consumption has been shown to help the cells in our skin, hair and nails repair. This means smoother and firmer skin, healthier nails, & fuller hair.


Collagen has amazing recovery properties that gives your body what it needs to repair  tendons, ligaments, and joints from workouts (or the daily grind of life).


Suffering from leaky gut? Collagen effectively closes the holes in a leaky gut. Collagen protein powder also mixes well with liquids & foods helping improve your overall diet.






Free of Artificial Sweeteners




Manufactured in GMP Facility

Manufactured in United States

Our ingredients rock, but so does our customer service!

How to take our Multi Collagen

We recommend 2-3 scoops daily for best results

Take Multi Collagen with Coffee or Tea

Throw a scoop in your coffee, tea, or hot beverage

Mix into a smoothie or add to any protein shake

Take Multi Collagen with your Dinner & Baking

Use as an ingredient when baking or cooking rice and pasta.

Take Multi Collagen by Diluting in Hot Water & Adding to Juices

Dilute in hot water, add ice & fruit juice (OJ works great) for the kids


Collagen peptides can withstand heat up to 572°F, making collagen one of the few protein powders that's good for cooking.


Give your drinks a blast of healthy awesome! Mix collagen into your daily coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies, & even your kids' OJ!


Our multi-collagen is colorless and unflavored, making it one of the healthiest ingredients to your next batch of muffins, brownies, or cookies. Mmm.

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"Elbow miracle! I was suffering with tendinitis in my elbow and after a week of CB Supplements multi-collagen, I no longer wear a strap."


Rob Roy


Multi-Collagen Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great product, great service!

We researched and tried different brands of collagen and came across CB Supplements Multi-Collagen, and have been using it for almost a year now. It provides high quality hydrolyzed collagen from multiple sources that covers the full spectrum of collagen types and their related health benefits. It is also flavorless, which is great for mixing in coffee and shakes, without any unnecessary fillers. Not to mention competitive pricing, great service and delivery as promised makes CB Supplements our choice collagen provider.

Happy to have passed (and won!) your collagen test! :) Thank you for the review Joseph.
The recommended ‘cure’

I had been suffering with tendonitis in my elbow for several months which limited my workouts and had me wearing a strap to relieve the pain. Started using CB Supplements collagen. After two scoops on the first morning there was a noticeable difference in my pain level so had two more scoops that evening. After a week of this addition to my diet, I no longer need a strap for pain, workouts aren’t limited, and my elbow feels 95% better. I’m hooked on CB Supplements and have recommended it to a friend who has the same issue.

We hate straps too! :) Glad our collagen has relieved you of that elbow strap. We appreciate you recommending us to your friends Rob, and of course your continued business!
Mustache Volume

I recently grew my mustache out as a show of brotherhood with friends in the gym and I truly believe that the CB Supplements collagen had a large effect on the volume and fullness of my lip sweater. in all seriousness, I have bad ankles from playing soccer all my life and get a lot of soreness from workouts. CB collagen has helped with recovery and allowed me to get in 4-5 workouts a week even with box jumps and dubs. Good product and nice guys.

We won't put it on the label, but thicker mustache growth has always been important to us. ;) Glad to hear we're helping those bum ankles feel better and thus help you crush CrossFit WODs. You stud!
Highly Recommend!

I originally began taking collagen supplements for gut health but love the added benefits of joints, hair and nail health! I switched to CB because its a combo of fish, chicken AND beef. Other national brands are simply beef peptides. Plus I know the owners are committed to using the purest and cleanest ingredients. Highly recommend.

We appreciate you Ansley! Happy to hear you've switched from the dark side (non-multi sourced collagen). :) Thank you for the kind words!
Love it!

After playing competitive tennis since the age of 5 through college and professionally, then competing in CrossFit, my joints have taken a beating to say the least. Since using CB Supplements collagen protein I can see a marked difference in how my joints feel and how they recover from training. My knees and back are less stiff and achy. Plus, I can see a huge difference in how my hair skin and nails look and feel. I started off using a different collagen brand that only had bovine collagen, but after switching to CB I can tell an even bigger difference. I am huge proponent of the product and always suggest it to the members at my gym and anyone looking to improve their health and overall well being. Plus, they are local and I love supporting local businesses!
Owner CrossFit Winter Park and Winter Park Cryosauna

Thank you for your support and advocacy of CB Supplements, Stephanie! We're so honored that you sell our collagen at your gym.

Joint pain disappeared.

Glad to have helped those joints feel young again Peter!
Back Healer

I started taking CB Supplements Multi-Collagen a year ago to help with my joints, bone health and specifically, a bad back from 50+ years of golf. My back has never felt this strong and any pain I had is gone... I am hitting the ball further than I did when I was 40. This product is a game-changer.

Wow. Stories like this are a constant reminder of the power of collagen. Thank you for sharing! We're so happy to hear we're helping you crush it on the golf course (literally). Keep it up!
Great for recovery and gut health!

This is a great product! Two scoops a day really helps alleviate muscle soreness and aids in my recovery from Crossfit workouts. Some of the big box brands are good, but they only contain two types of collagen whereas CB contains all 5 and has a much better price per serving.

It hasn’t restored my hairline, but it really has improved my gut health and complexion in addition to the recovery. I’m hooked!

Sadly, I didn’t receive any free product in exchange for this review. The bastards.

Good hair lines are overrated anyway. ;) Thanks for the detailed and raw review Sean - ha! Though we didn't provide free product for this review, we DO provide free food in our collagen recipe tastings downtown Orlando on every other Tuesday. If interested, come hungry!

I have been a collagen advocate for years. I started using CB Supplements collagen about a year ago, because it is derived from multiple grass fed and gluten-free sources. I look forward to a scoop each morning in my coffee.

We appreciate you making us part of your morning coffee routine! Thanks for the review Tim.
Burt loves Collagen

Love the stuff. It has been a tremendous addition to multiple shakes I have a day.

And we love you. :) Thanks Brett for the review!
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