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Eric Sharp

January 15, 2021

Thanks to the awesome local publication, the32789, for featuring our Founder (Charlie) in this heartfelt and incredibly well told story of how we came about.

We love the Central Florida area.

It’s where we got our start, where most of the founders (see our Team) initially met. So when the32789 reached out to feature us in their online publication, we were thrilled.

the32789 is a digital-only, hyperlocal (Winter Park, Florida) news platform broadcasting regularly on the Web, via e-mail, and through social media. Their mission is to keep citizens informed and aware concerning the latest happenings in and around the City of Winter Park.

Check it out here:

Local Father Turns Health Scare into Growing Business

the32789 quote from Charlie

Here’s what the article explores:

  1. Why and how he took action when the health of his family was at risk
  2. His discovery of Collagen’s Benefits & eventual Collagen Testimonial
  3. How he changed his diet to consume more foods containing collagen (like bone broth)
  4. Entrepreneurship journey to begin a collagen company and offer multi collagen supplements products
  5. Why we decided to get our Collagen NSF Certified
Images credit: the32789.com

Thanks to Matt Certo and his team for highlighting Charlie and the good we’re trying to accomplish!

Thanks for being here!

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