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Who are the crazies behind CB Supplements?

Charlie Bailes

My personal opinion is that collagen may be the missing food group in our diets. Like we have fats, carbs, protein and then we should classify collagen as its own group. I have always been a ‘healthy’ guy, and ate what many would call a very clean diet. But why is it that I am practically legally blind without my contacts, was diagnosed as lactose intolerant when I was 10, had braces for 7 years and and had 5 cavities growing up? Maybe I am not so healthy after all. All that changed around the summer of 2017 after I had a few kids and was now responsible for their health, in addition to mine. They had medical issues in their first few years and we (my amazing wife Leigh Ann and I) were not going to accept answers we were receiving from the medical community about the health of our children. So, we took the health of our family into our own hands, dove head first into the literature and started reading, studying, listening and making changes. Over the course of a few months, the following books were read, podcasts were subscribed to and courses were taken:

- Deep Nutrition and Food Rules by Dr. Cate Shanahan.

- Eat Dirt by Dr. Josh Axe.

- The Dirt Cure by Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein.

- Nutrition and the Physical Degenration by Dr. Weston A Price.

- Wheatbelly and Grain Brain by Dr. William Davis.

- The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey.

- The Wild Diet by Abel James.

- Took 12 courses and became a certified Primal Health Coach through the Primal Blueprint, and also read the book The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. 

- Subscribed to the following podcasts: The Fat Buring Man Show, The Tim Ferris Show, The Primal Blueprint.

- Started reading and following influencers including Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Peter Attia, Andrew Pollan, Mark Sisson, Dominic D’Agostino, Dr. Steven Gundry and many others... 

After we absorbed all this new found information, it was time to experiement. We cut out toxic vegetable oils (any oil starting with a C or and S, except Coconut), cut out added sugars, stop purchasing and/or ordering foods containing gluten, decreased the level of carbohydrates we were consuming and increased good fat. People would look at me and question how in world I could eat such a fatty diet and be in such good shape. I admittedly was hesitating here and there as well, but I kept hearing success stories of people losing weight by eating fat and not carbs, people healing their digestive problems with collagen and bone broth, and the kicker is that all these doctors I was now following, especially Dr. Cate Shanahan, kept publishing research that completely disproved our American way of eating. Oh and how about this - I cured my lactose intolerance, something that affected my for almost 20 years, in about 2 weeks by incorporating bone broth into my diet and starting to supplement with 20-30 grams of collagen protein everyday. Dairy now represents like 25% of my diet and my body thrives from the calories given to me from dairy. Go figure right?

Another fun set of facts - I have been an athlete my whole life and was fortunate to play football and baseball in college. I didn’t posses the skills or play at the level of some of my friends, but I had fun chasing the dream. However, I was always hurt or playing hurt. I tore up my throwing arm, pulled hamstrings, tore up my hip flexor, had shin splints, bad shoulders and would get headaches after most football practices, not just due to the excessive force suffered from being run over by other players who were bigger and better than me... Well, maybe... Anyway, now, at the ripe age of 31 and being a person who does CrossFit workout 6-7 days a week, including many 2-a-days (days where I workout 2-3 times), I am never hurt, my old injuries are as if they never happened and I am actually in better shape now than when I was 21 and playing linebacker in college. How does this make any sense? And I am one of those crazy people who wakes up at 4AM (thanks Jocko Willink) and get about 6-7 hours a sleep a night. Again, how does this make any sense? I should be declining in performance due to aging, not getting better, right? Maybe not. This is just my opinion, so don’t sue me, but I think my performance and general health has improved due to the fact that I have been taking collagen supplementation and drinking bone broth for almost a year (started in summer of 2017).

So yes, I am that annoying person who makes homemade ‘paleo’ cookies for the kids (and me, duh), is happy to discuss diet and nutrition with anyone that wants to talk, and created a collagen supplement made from the best ingredients because I am such a believer in the product. So cheers to health and vitality, I hope you enjoy our product and accomplish your wildest dreams. 

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Kyle Earley

Kyle hasn’t written his bio yet, but the dude has amazing hair and is in phenomenal shape as well. And actually became a believer in collagen after trying it for a good 2-3 months and witnessing amazing results. He will tell his story soon. Or maybe he won’t, who knows. He likes this small bio I (Charlie) wrote for him :)

[email protected]


Sabrina Felker 

Sabrina will write her bio soon as well! If you’re wondering why our Instagram magically started to put out great content, Sabrina is why. She can do DT is like 7 minutes, practices jiu jitsu and coaches at CrossFit Orlando. And her husband K-Felk rocks too. 


Christen Rodgers


Christen is a Certified Health Coach who is on a mission to show that health can be more fun than a salad, more satiating than your everyday chicken and broccoli, and easier than a Julia Child recipe. She even started a YouTube Channel called ‘Irreverent Health’ that’s all about exploring all the ways alternative ingredients (like CB Supplements Collagen) can be used to transform, traditional nutrient-scarce dishes into nourishing, delicious meals that make yo’ body feel gooooood.

Just a few months ago, Christen was introduced to CB Supplements by her friend (and fellow CB Sups enthusiast), Ansley Schrimsher, and has since become a HUGE fan! As a health coach she works with lots of people who have goals to better health. And she believes CB Supplements is another way to help them do just that!

As a kid, Christen played all the sports but never really learned how to feed her body. She consumed all the fried, sugary, processed treats she could get her hands on. And when she stopped playing sports in college she gained 100lbs. Additionally, she battled depression early in life and was ultimately diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder her sophomore year in college. Her ‘come to Jesus’ meeting came in 2010 when she found herself at 33 years old in her doctors office at 265lbs. She was on 3 medications and her doctor told her he needed to put her on 3 more. Up to that point the only other person she knew who was on 6 medications was her grandfather. She said to herself - ‘okay, this is enough’ - that sent her on a path of discovery where she learned how her gut health was a primary contributor to physical, mental, and spiritual health too.

That journey lead her to a program she started 3 years go where she lost 70lbs and gained a fiery passion to help people become the best version of themselves! “We are part of a larger nutritional system that promotes obesity... but NO ONE has to stay in it if they don’t want to. There is a way out of this matrix. I believe CB Supplement is a one BIG step, hence the reason I joined the team!”

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