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December 20, 2021


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Since there is no meat in our products (just animal bones, joints, cartilage, and skin) and vegan collagen is genetically engineered (and not really a thing), collagen peptides are an excellent protein source for those avoiding meat due to digestive problems. However, some plant-based diets need creative ideas for taking a collagen supplement. Smoothies using non-dairy milk, such as almond or coconut, and coffee are two excellent options for plant eaters.


I have your unflavored multi collagen to help repair my gut and skin. But I have to be plant based because I can’t seem to digest meat. It seems great for my gut but my stomach has fits with it. I take it with orange juice to give my stomach some acid to help break it down but still having a hard time. What tips do you have to help me digest the collagen?Ellie

This is a great question and one we get a few times a month!

Before we answer, let’s talk meat.

There’s no Meat in our Multi Collagen Peptides Supplement

All of our multi collagen protein products, including our unflavored, contains no meat. That’s right, zero muscle meat.

Here’s what collagen peptides are made of — which is bones, joints, cartilage, and skin from the following sources:

  • Grass-fed Pasture Raised Beef
  • Wild Caught Fish
  • Cage Free Chickens
  • Eggshell Membrane

Again, no muscle meat — just all the other collagen-rich parts of an animal.

Point of Clarity: Collagen is IN meat

Though muscle meat is not an ingredient in our multi collagen supplement, collagen is found in meat — specifically meat on the bone (e.g. Bone-in Ribeye, Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings, etc.) but only in very small amounts.

Can we get Collagen from Plants?

Can we get collagen from plants?
Vegan Collagen? Nope, not a thing.

This is a bigger conversation that we’ll address in Collagen College soon, but here’s the quick and blunt answer.

No, you cannot get collagen from plants. Collagen comes strictly from animal products aforementioned (bones, joints, cartilage, and skin).

With that said, we also can’t deny science. Biotech scientists are trying to find ways to emulate amino acids so that supplement companies can market genetically engineered vegan collagen to consumers. There is no true vegan collagen on the market. But, it could happen.

If it ever does happen, we’d highly recommend doing some due diligence, but a GMO collagen supplement — or GMO food for that matter — is not something we’d ever recommend.

The genetic engineering of plants and animals is looming as one of the greatest and most intractable environmental challenges of the 21st Century.Center for Food Safety

Collagen Peptides are great for those avoiding Meats due to Digestive Problems

For folks who need to avoid meats because of digestive problems, our multi collagen peptides are a great solution.

Why? Because collagen peptides are already broken down during the process of converting our multiple sources (beef, chicken, fish, eggshell membrane) into a tasty, water soluble powder.

This means there is very little work for your digestive system to do.

Dr. Cate, M.D. goes on to say that:

By taking a collagen peptide, you get the bioactive amino acids and collagen peptides that plants lack without the meat proteins that some people’s digestive systems have difficulty breaking down.Dr. Cate, M.D.

Also keep in mind most people’s digestive disorders are tied to inflammation in the gut, which is strongly tied to the consumption of seed oils. See: The Hateful Eight: Enemy Fats That Destroy Your Health

Recommendation for folks on Plant-based Diets wanting to take a Collagen Supplement

Now that we know our multi collagen supplement doesn’t contain muscle meat, and collagen peptides requires little work from your digestive system, let’s address Ellie’s question. She’s a plant-based person and needs ideas for helping her with the digestion of collagen.

Here are some recommendations for plant eaters:

  1. Smoothie with Almond or Coconut Milk. Add fruit, veggies, and maybe some nut butter. Our multi collagen goes GREAT in smoothies! See all our collagen smoothie recipes, in particular our Peanut Butter Collagen Smoothie.
  2. Coffee. Many of our customers take their daily collagen in a hot cup of joe. It’s why we created our Coffee & Collagen T-shirt! Learn how to make collagen coffee.
  3. Want more ideas? See our ultimate guide for how to take collagen powder.

Thanks for the question Ellie!

We hope this helps you, and other Plant-based folks, have a great digestive experience trying collagen. Cause collagen is awesome, and everyone should feel the benefits of a multi collagen!

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