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PB&J Collagen Raspberry POPPERS!



Don’t let the fireworks be the ONLY poppin’ at your 4th of July party! 


Next Thursday is July 4! And there will be lots of celebration and fireworks going on outside your house. But why not ensure the party is POPPIN inside as well by inviting the kiddos into the kitchen and throwing together these easy, delicious and nutritious raspberry PB & J poppers! They are a little tart, and a little sweet, low glycemic and low calorie, which will help keep the party in your body going all night long! 


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Prep Time

5 minutes


Cook Time

0 minutes


Total Time

5 minutes



This recipe makes 6 servings




Did I mention they are CB SUPPLEMENT  collagen-infused!? Since collagen is the literal ‘glue’ that holds your connective tissue together, eating these little guys means you are not only getting a delightful little treat, you are fueling your body with a supplement that literally forms the connective tissue for the structures in your body!! BOOM!! 


If you end up making these guys, snap a photo and tag @cbsupplements on the ‘grams’! We want to share in the joy of creating health for you and your family! 


  • 3 Scoops CB Supplements Collagen Powder
  • ¼-½ cup Chocolate PB2 (or other nut powder alternative)
  • 1-2 TBSP water
  • 2 cups Organic Raspberries (ends up being about two of the little cartons)
  • 1 Quart-sized Ziploc Baggie 



  1. In a colander, wash raspberries and set aside
  2. In a quart-sized Ziploc baggie add nut powder & collagen, zip, and shake. 
  3. Tilt mixture toward the corner of the bag
  4. Add water a little at a time and work it into the mixture until consistency is like that of a thick frosting. 
  5. Snip the tip of the bag, and pipe mixture into raspberries and serve immediately, or place in the refrigerator until time to serve. 
  6. ENJOY and snap a photo of your culinary masterpiece!


Recipe Tips

Note: You can mix the ingredients in a bowl and scoop them into a proper piping bag if you have one!  Also, raspberries tend breakdown in extreme heat, so I’d keep these indoors or serve immediately to avoid them getting too mushy!  


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I release about one new collagen recipe a week! Until next time.

Nutrition Per Serving


Calories: 58 Proteins: 6g 

Net Carbs: 4.7g Fats: 0.8g Fiber: 3.2g

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